Woodhouse has been helping businesses communicate through media, events and the written word for nearly 20 years. 

We offer the intimacy of an onsite team with the independence, expertise and accountability of an outside agency. 

Work with us and you get the best of both worlds at cost effective prices

Woodhouse - Words, Media, Events, Design.

Meet the team


Paul Lawson

Paul has been in the communications management business since 1983 and set up Woodhouse with Kim Lawson in 1997.



Kim Lawson

Kim started her career in advertising, but soon moved into the managerial world of events, PR and publications.
Completer / finisher Kim says there’s nothing quite like putting another magazine or brochure to bed or completing a successful event.

Johan Siebke

Johan has been designing for large and small businesses since around 1990 and set up sister company Woodhouse Creative together with Paul in 2008. He runs a very tidy studio. 
The rest of his time is spent doing DIY and looking for things.