With awareness of the charity’s work at an all-time low, Woodhouse was invited to help the Railway Benefit Fund raise its profile, specifically through its 150th anniversary dinner.

After a successful event, we were asked to produce a range of materials including the charity’s first newsletter for many years and to work on its annual Golf Day. All successful but the charity was in great need of professional charity fundraisers.

In early 2014 the charity employed a new fundraising manager who has changed the organisation to meet the needs of the 21st century railway.

Woodhouse was asked to work with the charity on its branding.

Still known as the Railway Benefit Fund and in need of a modern logo, we designed one which reflected the charity’s growing confidence and its purpose.

The charity’s name became the shorter RBF with a strapline ‘supporting railway people’.

It followed that the charity’s website and marketing material would need a redesign, which we did in conjunction with the new fundraising manager, using engaging colour palettes. 

The charity’s newsletter became the RBF News and, as the awareness of the charity has grown, so has the size and frequency of this Woodhouse produced publication.

We also developed a monthly email campaign promoting the RBF and made good use of social media outlets.

During 2015 the charity developed a range of new services, offering advice and support as well as grants to railway workers and their families in need.

RBF News.jpg

These new services have been promoted by Woodhouse through a number of news releases, press briefings, media interviews, a special edition of RBF News, emails, DVDs and adverts placed in the rail media.

At the end of 2015, awareness of the RBF has rocketed and is still growing, which has been reflected in a rise in the number of people fundraising for the charity, and in donations received.